DGC coin


P2E Global No.1 platform

DGC Blockchain

Private Blockchain

Only blockchain node participants can become important members of the DGC project.

Public Blockchain

Blockchain node participants receive rewards for mining based on the quantity of nodes they possess.

Hybrid Function

The DGC blockchain allows for unrestricted project participation based on the quantity of staked nodes.


Evolved Proof of Work through the application of mining rewards halving based on the quantity of nodes.

How to Mine

Participate in mining. Mining is the only way to participate in this project.


The application of mining rewards halving based on the increase in the quantity of nodes is a crucial project for participants’ earnings.

New block and network

DANGNN mainnet

DGC coins are distributed as rewards to those who participated in the formation of the mainnet blockchain. All rewards within the blockchain continue to be carried out through DGC coins.

DGC coin is a project coin that supports the blockchain. The DGC mainnet blockchain supports unique voting rights and provides ongoing rewards through participation in blockchain node activities. Additionally, it supports POW A through a POW system upgrade.


2020. 09

Establishment of Genesis Fin

2020. 11

Start of the mainnet development (POW+A) Distribution of the platform services

2021. 08

Started develop DANGNNDAYA Platform Application
Planning the P2E Business

2022. 01

Release DANGNNDAYA test net
Signing the MOU with 'LG Hellovision'

2022. 04

DANGNNDAYA mainnet official launch (pre-mining begins)
DANGNNDAYA Pay application official release

2022. 07

List on domestic and foreign exchanges (undetermined)

2022. 08

P2E business plan establishment

2022. 10

Planning to develop a p2e system
Scheduling for development of mobile payment eco systems


DANGNNDAYA Platform expansion open
Proceed DANGNNDAYA mainnet-based token issuance business

COIN Information

Symbol DGC
Development-based Tech DGC Project Mainnet

Mining and Miner Information

Period Total Mining per Year Max. Number of Miners
1 Year 816,000,000 16,667
2 Year 816,000,000 16,667
3 Year 816,000,000 16,667
4 Year 408,000,000 Unlimited
5 Year 408,000,000 Unlimited
6 Year 408,000,000 Unlimited
7 Year 204,000,000 Unlimited
8 Year 204,000,000 Unlimited
9 Year 204,000,000 Unlimited
10 Year 102,000,000 Unlimited

Distribution Information

Presale 1 bil DGC
Mining Compensation 6.5 bil DGC
Marketing Airdrop 1 bil DGC
Foundation Holdings 1 bil DGC
Worldwide Develovpers 500 mil DGC

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